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Liturgies for use at home for Holy Thursday; Good Friday & Easter will be posted here next Wednesday evening

Due to the Coronavirus PANDEMIC our churches are closed & there are no public Masses until further notice

Please direct any enquiry (whether it be about pastoral care, ongoing sacramental ministry to the sick, administration, or any other matter relating to our Parish) to our Parish Office at 4 Waverley Ave. Ivanhoe 3079.  

Email       Phone 03 9499 1515     Mobile 0427 879 733

Latest Update from Fr. Bill – 3rd April 2020

My sisters and brothers in Christ
This week’s Newsletter includes:

§  A reflection in time of disruption and upheaval
§  Prayer at home for Palm Sunday
§  Homily for Palm Sunday
§  Prayer intentions and Gospel references for each day of the week
§  How to support our Vinnies with grocery donations
§  Do you need help?
You can access the full set of readings for the Daily Mass to read at home at:

You will find the link to the Masses that are streaming online on the bottom right of this page at MASS DETAILS

I know some parishes are streaming their own Masses online but, for those who enjoy Mass online, I think this is a great opportunity for all of us to gather around the online Mass streaming from our own Cathedral.  In this way we can come together as a Diocesan Family, in prayer around a central altar, at our Mother Church. The Cathedral will be streaming all the Liturgies for the Easter Triduum and I will post details once they are confirmed. As of today, there are further discussions between the Government and the Church regarding the logistics of producing online Masses and we are awaiting clarification from the Government.

One of the many activities our parish had to cancel was the seminar arranged by our Climate Action Group featuring Mark Delaney. You can still listen to Mark by watching Compass on ABC TV Channel 2,  Sunday 5th April at 6.30pm. Compass will feature three Australian Christians discussing what leads them to take non-violent action in support of the climate emergency.

One thing we might reflect upon during this global crisis caused by the coronavirus is; what will we learn from the experience after it is over? Will it influence our values, our behaviour, how we behave, how we relate to others, how we strive for the common good. During this crisis, many have blamed China for the crisis and condemned the Chinese government for its initial secrecy and inaction. A government whose priority, many think, was not protecting human life and the implications of inaction for the whole human race. In similar vein, I wonder, who the next generation will blame for the inevitable crisis caused by the degradation of our environment, our poor stewardship of God’s creation, and the effects of climate change on the whole planet. Will the next generation blame us for similar reasons? For protecting our own wanton way of life and our own political and economic ideologies?

One surprising feature of how Australia has dealt with this current crisis has been the way our political leaders have come together in such a bipartisan way, and without any of the usual political acrimony, to steer this nation through a crisis that no one could ever have predicted a few months ago. Our political leaders are to be commended for this. On the other side of this crisis will they be able to do the same for the inevitable crisis that will be caused by our abuse of the environment and the resulting climate catastrophe?
Living in social isolation can be a testing time. But it also offers an opportunity for prayerful reflection and a chance to make an online retreat, “With Jesus in the Desert”. Jesuit Communications has prepared an online retreat suitable for the 14 days of mandatory isolation prescribed for those in close contact with people who have been diagnosed with COVID-19. It may also be suitable for other people who are self-isolating and socially distancing from others. With Jesus in the Desert: A Retreat for a Time of Isolation offers a program for praying on the Gospels for each day of the retreat, and a way of reflecting on the movements of the heart each day. Although planned for 14 days, the resource can be adapted. The retreat has suggestions for each of the days. It is meant to be a help – a servant and not a master. Retreatants are free to follow it through or to pick out particular days. A shorter retreat that keeps the basic pattern could involve days 1, 2, 5, 10, 11, 12 and 14.

Tip of the week! (from one of your fellow parishioners)

Arrange a phone call, FaceTime, social media link etc., with someone for a particular day and time. Both parties are to have a glass of wine (or favourite drink) prepared and together, during the conversation – have a drink together!
Do you have any tips to share? Email them to me at

God bless and stay safe.

Fr. Bill Edebohls

Parish Priest

Important excerpts from previous COVID-19 special notices and updates:
We have been directed by Government (state and federal) to close all places of worship and religious gatherings. At this point in time, this means the closing of our church doors, not just for the celebration of Mass and other liturgies, but for all activities including individual visits and private prayer. So now the church doors remain locked and appropriate signage has been placed on church doors.

As from Thursday 26 March our parish office will close and Ruth will be working from home. Parish business will still go on and phone calls will be redirected to my mobile or to Ruth at home. Emails will, of course, still be dealt with.

Other implications of the current regulations are:

BAPTISMS: Postponed except in emergency.
WEDDINGS: Postponed.
FUNERALS: Must be celebrated privately with only 10 people present.
RECONCILIATION: Ring me for an appointment and for the arrangement of an appropriate place.
HOME COMMUNIONS: To protect our vulnerable parishioners who receive communion at home, and many of our home communion ministers who are also vulnerable, I have stopped all home communion visits. In the case of serious illness and ministry to the dying, whether at home or in an aged care facility or hospital, the parish priest should be contacted so that he can visit and offer sacramental ministry

Talking about things we can no longer do can lead us into despair – so what can we do?

1.       While we are discouraged from visiting people in their homes, make a special effort to stay in touch by phone. Adopt a neighbour, a fellow parishioner, a family member and commit to a couple of phone calls each week.

2.       Drop a parish newsletter into the letterboxes of neighbouring parishioners, especially if you know they do not have internet access. Hard copies of our weekly newsletters can be collected from the front doors of each of our churches or the parish office where I have affixed containers for our newsletters.
3.       Encourage other parishioners to visit our parish website and if they have not been receiving emails from me then encourage them to email the office so that we can add them to our group mailing.

4.       In your regular phone contacts, if you discover a need for practical help, eg. grocery shopping, need for medications  etc. (if you cannot assist yourself) email the parish office so that we can call on other resources that we are trying to establish in the parish in conjunction with other community groups.
5.       Continue to nurture your prayer life: use the liturgy that will be provided in the weekly newsletter, watch a Mass online, use the other prayer resources available both on our website and on countless other sites, start using your rosary again. And remember that I am still offering Mass throughout the week for you, albeit privately behind closed doors.

Whilst this unusual situation that we as a Church find ourselves in, will cause much grief and concern for many within our community, we must remember that we are obligated to work together in charity and in solidarity, with the whole of our country, to best protect our people by the containment of the spread of the Coronavirus.

If we as the Church are to be the Light of Christ in the midst of this crisis, it will be in ways that may be very different to what we are used to. During this time when we cannot physically wrap our arms around each other, let us yet find ways to be the loving embrace of God to both neighbour and stranger. If not reaching out our hands, remembering to reach out with our hearts.

Let me end this update with a message from your Archbishop:

“Please assure your people in every way that the measures being put in place are for their safety, for the safety of the most vulnerable, and for the safety of all whom they love most dearly.

May this great season of Lent, this time of preparation and celebration, not be seen as lost, but something embraced in a new, life-giving way.”

Fr. Bill Edebohls

Parish Priest


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Parish Information

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Parish Mission:
The Catholic Parish of Ivanhoe identifies its mission as a community of people:
Who are united in faith in Jesus and his values;
Who gather to celebrate the Eucharist;
Who seek to serve the needs of the community and the world; and
Who bear witness to the way life could be.

Parish Values:
We name our Parish values as:
Some of the ways we pursue our Parish Mission and Values are through our
Group and our Events

Our Churches

Mary Immaculate Church
Cnr Upper Heidelberg Road & Waverley Ave Ivanhoe

Parish Office behind the Church
4 Waverley Avenue, Ivanhoe
Tel: 03 9499 1515

Melway 31 E8
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St Bernadette's Church
89 Bond Street, West Ivanhoe

Also Korean Community Church

Melway 31 D6
Photo: Sunday 23 March 2008

Mother of God Church

63 Wilfred St, Ivanhoe East (Cnr Robinhood Rd)

Melway 31 J9 Photo: Saturday 15 March 2008

Our Parish Schools

Mary Immaculate Primary School:

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Parish Contacts

The Catholic Parish of Ivanhoe is located at 4 Waverley Avenue Ivanhoe 3079

Parish Secretary:        Mrs Ruth Villani, Tel.  03 9499 1515
Parish Office eMail:
Parish Website:
Parish Website eMail:
Parish Priest:              Fr Bill Edebohls: 63 Wilfred Rd East Ivanhoe. Tel. 9499 5440

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